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Improve your portfolio performance

Leverage cash flow underwriting with our affordability developer API along with credit bureau data

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Say yes more, without increasing risk.
Credit scores are right on average but wrong in every individual case. Render’s innovative approach leverages thousands of transactional data to reconcile missing information in credit bureau, such as income, expenses, assets and financial behaviours.

Start targeting thin-file or no-file customers where you were missing views. Increment your view for customers who have a credit history, and provide a fairer and more responsible lending experience.

The benefits of using Render's affordability API

Increase your

Provide substantial value beyond traditional scores using verified, real-time data about a consumers financial status and behavior.

Targeted and individualised pricing leading to higher customer acquisition

Quicker time-to-yes and a faster application process without the need for affordability questions

Expand your customer base

Leverage the power of real-time data to address new population segment with assurance.

Find the 'hidden' prime customers base on their Open Banking data

Effectively serve thin files customers

Reduced regulatory and fraud risk

Automate documents collection directly from the source, and exclude the risk of having manipulated statements.

Identify vulnerable customers quickly

Better fraud identification

How it works
Upload your customer open banking data, or use our customisable platform to retrieve your clients transactional data.
Anonymised data will be processed by our categorisation and scoring engines.
Integrate our API with just a few lines of code and start including renders score in your underwriting process.

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