How Render helped Gaia launch its pioneering IVF financing product

February 13, 2024

Gaia started with the belief that the cost of IVF should not be the reason you don’t try.

Founded by an IVF patient, Gaia helps IVF patients access treatment more affordably and with visibility on their journey ahead. Gaia Members can go through the treatments they need for a fraction of the cost, and only pay for their treatment when they have a child.

Gaia wanted to be able to offer financing to members so that they could spread the cost of IVF, should it be successful. But they’d never lent before and needed support navigating the regulatory, underwriting and credit decisioning landscape.

This financing product would also be the first of its kind – members are approved for a loan they may or may not need, months, and in some cases years, before they need it.

Gaia also wanted to get its product to market as quickly as possible. As well as gaining regulatory approval, this typically would have involved, selecting and integrating multiple data providers, building an in-house decisioning system and underwriting team, a process that can take up to two years.

Recognising the many complexities and long timelines involved with launching a lending product, Gaia looked to Render to help navigate these challenges. In doing so, they were able to leverage Render’s:

  • Integrations with multiple data sources, including credit scores, Open Banking data and antifraud data
  • Enhanced affordability assessments, leveraging 100s of proven credit features as well as bespoke features built specifically for Gaia
  • Fully white labelled OB and loan application journey, minimising friction within Gaia’s product
  • Precise fraud detection and risk evaluation, collaboratively developed by Render and Gaia
  • Tailored underwriting support and training, facilitating a seamless transition towards more in-house
  • Regulatory licenses, allowing Gaia to launch without their own FCA approval

This strategic move enabled Gaia to focus on their core specialities and cater to their customer base, while relying on Render's financial expertise.

Render is proud to support Gaia as it works towards its goal of creating 5,000 families by 2025.

Ines Cheaib, COO of Gaia Family commented “Thanks to Render, we were able to get our pioneering IVF financing to market quicker and more effectively that we would have been able to do otherwise. We’re excited to continue to work with Render to support our continued growth.”

Gerald Chappell, CEO & Founder of Render added "Gaia are pioneers in IVF insurance. As soon as we heard they wanted to offer financing alongside their core product, we knew we wanted to support them. This partnership is a great example of how Render's embedded financing product can enable any company to offer financing quicker and more easily than previously possible."

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